Zero Lives - 2021/11/06

~ It's been such a long time ~

My most sincere apologies for not getting anything out last week. There simply wasn’t any content, be it articles or artwork. This week though…I started on with GameRant as a staff writer! After months of trying, I’ve finally been afforded the chance to prove my worth as a full-time games journalist. I am over the moon. Expect plenty of content moving forward.

What I’m Playing

At this point, I may as well just uninstall everything else. FFXIV is all-consuming. This week I finally finished my journey to completing all of the available side-quests in the world. I also finally figured out how end-game gear works, you know, weeks before it becomes useless and the next expansion drops.

Otherwise, I conquered my fears and beat the Resident Evil Remake. I had put this game off since its release way back in 2002 just because the mansion creeps me out that much. Well, with the help of a trainer and copious amounts of daylight, I braved the mansion and I must say, it was a wonderful experience. For a game that is nearly 20 years old, it holds up remarkably well.

What I’m Watching

Season 3 of Titans finally wrapped up. It was drug out so much and ultimately suffered for it. I really enjoyed the first two seasons, but aside from the introduction of memorable characters in this season, I can’t recommend it.

What We Do In The Shadows also wrapped up its season with quite the cliff-hanger. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect them to mess with the formula too much, but now I’m genuinely curious as to what will happen.


Roblox Back After Three Days Offline - My son’s 3-day nightmare is finally at an end.

Amazon Prime Gaming Giving Away Rise of the Tomb Raider Epic Games Store Version for Free - The second entry in this phenomenal trilogy is free until November 14th.

Microsoft Wants to Build Its Own Metaverse With Xbox Games - A bit misleading. This one is more about Microsoft Teams and virtual meetings.

Destiny 2 Player Explains How to Beat the Devil's Lair Grandmaster Nightfall - A succinct and comprehensive strategy.

PlatinumGames' Sol Cresta Delayed - I had no idea that arcade shooters were still a thing.

Destiny 2 Fans Are Coming Up With American Names for Hive Bosses and The Results Are Hilarious - When the Destiny community isn’t complaining

Call of Duty: Vanguard Explains Its Gunsmith, Weapon Loadout Features - Second verse, same as the first?

No Layoffs Expected at Hangar 13 Following Game Cancellation - Silver linings

GTA Trilogy Releases New Screenshots - I’ll be honest, I don’t think this trilogy looks as great as it could have.

Art of the Week