Zero Lives - 2021/10/24

~The Devil didn't make me do it... ~

This week has been a transition week. I’m set to start a new writing gig, and am saying goodbye to a few others. As such, I didn’t write too many articles this week. Next week should see a return to form. On the art front, I’ve not been doing that well. It’s just not clicking.

What I’m Playing

So much Final Fantasy XIV. I got sucked back in, hard. With Bungie nerfing the farming mats for their Halloween event, I’ve been turned off to it once again. Which is a shame, but what can you do? Dead by Daylight and For Honor are seeing a crossover event, which I need to play. Finally, Fortnite is determined to get my money by releasing Resident Evil skins.

What I’m Watching

Not much at the moment. Titans continues to slog on. Bob’s Burgers is back with a new season and it hasn’t been my favorite. In particular, the Halloween episode felt weak as it didn’t really focus on the kids this year. What We Do In The Shadows had several huge twists that I didn’t expect from a comedy show.


Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s 2.0 Update and Happy Home Paradise DLC Detailed - It was a good day to be an Animal Crossing fan.

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey is Coming to Hulu - Marvel dips into the barrel with this new series.

Art of the Week