Zero Lives - 2021/10/07

The Late Edition

Sorry, it’s late. I’ve been in a weird spot mentally for several days. I’ve since snapped out of it and realized I didn’t send this out last Saturday. So, we’ll have a mid-week edition, okay?

What I’m Playing

I’ve been bouncing around a whole lot between games. I’m really waiting for Halloween events to kick off, but nothing notable thus far. I did roll a FL4K in Borderlands 3 and am almost done with their first playthrough. They’ve been a lot more fun than I initially thought they would be. I’m also trying to stay on top of dailies in MTG: Arena. I reinstalled Dauntless as I’ve had a Monster Hunter itch.

What I’m Watching

I watched The Many Saints of Newark. I had never watched any of The Sopranos, so I was completely new going into it. It was good, but clearly leaned into long-time fans watching versus newcomers like myself. Titans and Marvel’s What If…? are wrapping up their seasons. I also ended up watching Venom and didn’t hate it nearly as much as I thought I would. Finally, we went to see Universal’s Dracula and Frankenstein in theaters. Dracula was absolute dog shit, but Frankenstein was really good.


‘Licorice Pizza’ Trailer Revealed - I’m a sucker for the fugue state of romance.

'Star Wars: Visions' Review - The Force is With This One - Star Wars? Anime? It’s no surprise how well this works.

‘The Boys’ Spinoff Gets New Showrunners - A talented duo takes the lead of an ambitious project.

‘The Electrical Life of Louis Wain’ Trailer is Released - What appears to be a moving film for a tragic story.

Netflix Releases 'The Sandman' Trailer - One of the greatest graphic novels of all time is about to be released as a television series.

'Wolf' Trailer Showcases the Power of Love and Animals - A strangely creepy arthouse film shows off in their first trailer.

Jorge R Gutiérrez’s ‘Maya and the Three’ Trailer Will Raise the Dead - Kids and adults alike will probably love this one.

David Lee Roth is Jumping into Retirement - A living legend is riding off into the sunset.

'Squid Game' Season 2 Teased - Netflix’s most popular show of all time teases what may come.

‘Cyrano’ of de Bergerac Renown Releases a Heartfelt Trailer - A timeless tale with a twist.

Netflix’s ‘Locke and Key’ Releases a Season Two Trailer - Just in time for the spooky season.

Upcoming ‘Dune’ Movie Continues to Tease With Its Final Trailer - There’s no way this can be any worse than the 1984 movie.

Art of the Week