Zero Lives - 2021/09/18

Where is my mind?

Apologies for missing the newsletter last week. I ended up being out of town and didn’t have the free time I was anticipating. Work has kept me busier than I would have thought, so I haven’t had time to do much personal writing and virtually zero artwork. I need to look at my schedule. I have also gone down a rabbit hole of listening to Babymetal. Imagine traditional metal wed with J-pop. It sounds silly, but works. Check them out. Without wasting any more time, let’s get into the newsletter properly.

What I’m Playing

I’m still logging in every Tuesday to progress the ‘Destiny’ story quest. I took advantage of a spare external HDD and began installing a lot of games. I binged hard and beat both ‘HuniePop’ games. Feeling the itch after watching the ‘Tiny Tina’ trailer, I reinstalled ‘Borderlands 3’ and have been working through the Season 2 pass. I like the new melee build I put together for Amara, but need some new weapons to complement it.

What I’m Watching

I started watching Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ series on Disney+. Some episodes are better than others, but it’s been an enjoyable season thus far. Season 3 of ‘Titans’ continues to be strong and I’m excited to see this Red Hood story arc finish up. The wife and I also watched ‘Malignant’. For a horror movie seeing so much praise, we were shocked at how bad it was.


‘Only Murders in the Building’ is Hulu’s Most Watched Comedy Premiere - The wife loves it. I don’t care for it. The Internet agrees with her.

‘The Today Show’ Weatherman Willard Scott Passes Away Aged 87 - A beloved figure passes on.

‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Resurrects Teaser Site - A neat way to build hype for the upcoming film.

‘The Transformers: The Movie’ 35th Anniversary Sees Rerelease - Arguably the best and worst of the Transformers films is coming back to theaters.

‘The Matrix: Resurrections’ Trailer Has Finally Arrived - The Matrix is back and they’re pulling a Force Awakens? Boo.

Jeff Bridges’ Cancer is ‘In Remission’ - The Dude will continue to abide.

Fathom Events is Bringing Universal Monsters Back to Theaters - YESSSSSSSSSSSSS

‘What If…?’ S1E6 Review - My least favorite episode is probably the one that will see a follow-up.

‘Malignant’ Movie Review - What a steaming pile of shit.

Art of the Week

I made some Halloween inspired facemasks. Get yours HERE.