Zero Lives - 2021/08/14

Dobby is a Free Elf!

Well, it’s finally over. I’m done with my full-time job in order to pursue writing and art on a full-time basis. What does this mean? Well, Christian is going to have to be mindful about spending. For you, you mean? Well, it means more articles and artwork! It also means I really need your help in sharing my work so I can keep this dream alive.

What I’m Playing

Destiny’s Season of the Splicer released its epilogue this week. Short and sweet, it wrapped up another strong season. I’m still plugging away at FFXIV and trying to learn more about the game.

What I’m Watching

The wife and I watched The Suicide Squad. It was a delight. I was still chugging through season seven of The Flash before getting sidetracked and binging the first season of Titans in a day. Seriously, do not sleep on this show!


First Impressions: Final Fantasy XIV - In which our hero journeys into the land of Eorzea.

Season of the Splicer Story Recap - In which our hero forges an unlikely alliance.

Project Magnum - In which our hero gets ready to be hurt again.

FFXIV: Moonfire Faire - A quick and dirty guide to the latest event in FFXIV.

TWAB Recap: 2021/08/12 - So many changes and so much excitement for the next season!

Art of the Week