Zero Lives - 2021/08/07

More of a Slider instead of a Meaty Burger

I know, I know. I’m a liar. It’s another Sunday edition. This was a rough week for the old soft brain and even more tender emotions. As such, my productivity suffered. I won’t lie and say this won’t happen again. It probably will. But I can promise to try and be consistent and honest with you guys when I slip up.

The next two weeks will be a little slow as I’m wrapping up my full-time job before going fully freelance. Expect radio silence throughout the week and then a larger dump between Thursday and Saturday. Or, if you’re a slay devil, just wait for the newsletter and recap.

You guys are the best!

What I’m Playing

So much FFXIV. I finally finished the slog that was the main Shadowbringers storyline and have been busting ass on side content. I can feel burn-out creeping in. I also picked up Nier Reincarnation on mobile.

What I’m Watching

I finally finished up both seasons of Fire Force on Netflix. I don’t know what the trend is with weak endings lately, but this also ended a bit disappointing. Family movie Friday brought the absolute treat that was Howl’s Moving Castle. Aside from that, I’m back to my junk food that is The Flash.


Stray Gameplay Trailer - After a year of silence, we finally get more information on this adorable kitty exploration game.

Review: Bose QuietComfort 35 II Headphones - In which our hero discovers noise-canceling headphones are more complicated than initially thought.

Art of the Week