Zero Lives 2021/07/24

"Welcome to the Party, Pal"

Hoo boy…this is, this is something else. This week, I took a bold new step in pursuit of happiness. Said happiness is writing and drawing. It’s a little unreal to consider the possibility of this turning into a career, yet here we are.

As part of embracing this new career as a freelance journalist, it was suggested that I roll out a newsletter. So, like a nervous middle-school kid, here I am, writing my first issue. I think the format for right now will be a weekly recap of what I’ve written. So, without wasting any more time…

What I’m Playing: It’s been a lot of FF XIV lately. The Make It Rain event for Gold Saucer kicked off and the FC went as a group. I am now addicted to chocobo racing and Triple Triad. I also downloaded Forza 7 and have been having fun. I was able to clear my first Vault of Glass raid in Destiny and finished the Solstice of Heroes armor sets.

What I’m Watching: The wife and I finished Loki. We’re still working through Food Wars and the Matt Smith Era of Doctor Who. I tried Demon Slayer and had to drop it. Otherwise, I’m chugging through season 2 of Gundam 00 while working out.


Resident Evil Village - Review - My review of the latest in the Resident Evil series, Village.

Facing the Horror That is Resident Evil Multiplayer - Does multiplayer work in the Resident Evil games? I dig through the history to find out.

App of the Week: ProCreate - This app single-handily changed the way I create my art and has led me to produce content regularly.

Dead Space Remake Announcement - At EA Play Live, a remake to Dead Space was announced.

Art Piece of the Week